Like many home improvement projects, baseboard installation is not always as simple as it seems. It requires precision, specialized saw cuts, and painstakingly accurate measurements. The paint professionals at Curb Appeal Painting are highly skilled in all aspects of baseboard installation and happy to take on any baseboard project that comes our way!

Baseboards Are an Important Element in Your Home

Baseboards are sometimes overlooked, but they are an important element in every home. Often among the last finishing trims to be applied, baseboard moldings have the important job of filling gaps between your wallboard and floors, which ultimately works to protect your walls while simultaneously creating a cohesive aesthetic. Thoughtfully selected baseboard moldings can really add to the overall design and feel of a room.

Steps for Baseboard Installation

We follow best practices and take the following steps to ensure a quality baseboard installation process.

  • The first step is generally to remove old baseboard trim by cutting along the top of the board before prying it away from the wall. This is followed by thoroughly removing any nails, glue, or caulking from the surface under the baseboards.

  • Measuring the room’s perimeter for the new baseboard trim is a process that requires meticulous care. We always make sure to get exact and precise measurements in order to ensure your baseboards are a perfect fit.

  • Once we have your measurements, we can get down to selecting and purchasing your materials. You have several options when it comes to how many components to use for your baseboard installation. You can include up to 3 components. The central baseboard is mostly flat and comprises the bulk of the baseboard. Additional components can include cap moldings that run along the top of your baseboard as an ornamental detail, and a shoe molding, which is an ornamental flourish that can be added between the bottom of your baseboard and the floor. We’ll make sure we select the materials you prefer for your project.

  • We’ll establish level on your floors and then scribe the baseboards before cutting them perfectly to size.

  • After sanding and priming the cut baseboards, we can begin installation. We’ll nail the boards in place and apply molding and caulking where necessary.

  • We can then make touch-ups and apply a final finish before we clean up the work area and leave you feeling fully satisfied with your brand new baseboards.

Quality Baseboard Installation

Our expertise in baseboard installation guarantees that we will find the most cost-effective and efficient solution for you. Our courteous interior painters have the qualifications to make sure we get the job done in a truly timely and professional manner. We arrive on time, we are polite and friendly, we always respect your home, and we go the extra mile to keep our work area clean and neat from start to finish.

Our team prides itself on offering exceptional customer service, and we consistently deliver results that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We’ve been trusted by homeowners throughout the greater Cleveland area for 15 years and counting. Contact us for a free baseboard installation and interior painting estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding home interior painting services.