Window glazing forms a weather-tight seam that does wonders to protect and insulate your home. Over time, the putty sealing in your exterior window cracks and falls off, letting wind and rain seep in. Not only will this cause damage to your home, it also negatively impacts your house’s insulation, driving up your heating bill in winter and cooling bill in summer. A good window glazing protects your home from the elements, and can simultaneously ensure your house is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Not only can window glazing reduce your energy bill, it can also reduce condensation on your window and noise coming through your window. All and all, window glazing is a quick and easy way to upgrade your home’s exterior (and interior).

Here at Curb Appeal Painting, Cleveland’s premier residential painting company, our professional house painters offer window glazing services that you can count on. From installation of new glass to re-glazing of your older windows, Curb Appeal provides you with the best service at the best price.

We Get the Job Done

The best way to guarantee a quality window glazing for your Ohio residence is to hire the paint professionals at Curb Appeal. We take the utmost care with every step of the window glazing process, and our pros have the skills, materials, and tools required to deliver window glazing services that exceed expectations. For re-glazing projects, we have the expertise to meticulously remove your window’s old glazing. Putty can be stubborn, often making this a more strenuous task than you would expect. At this stage, an untrained touch could lead to breaking the window glass or damaging the frame. Once the glazing is removed, we’ll examine your frame and patch any areas that need repair and replace glass where needed. Then we’ll thoroughly cover the perimeter with a high- quality glazing compound that’s right for your project, diligently smoothing in the glaze for a perfectly seamless seal and removing any excess along the way. We’ll follow up our glazing work with a paint job that fortifies the seal and ensures your glazing will last. Finally, we’ll be sure to clean it all up and have your windows looking fantastic while insulating your home for years to come.

Quality Window Glazing

Experience is key when looking for a truly long lasting and great looking widow glazing. The seasoned experts at Curb Appeal Painting have the experience and integrity to ensure your windows are glazed with caution, care, and unsurpassed attention to detail. We’ve offered exterior painting services to the great residents of Ohio for 15 years and counting. We’ve experienced a huge variety of window glazing projects over the years we’ve spent serving homeowners throughout the Cleveland area, and our talented painters are ready to take on any window glazing challenge and achieve the quality results that consistently impress our customers.

Request a free window glazing estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding house painting services.