Shake siding gives your house’s exterior a rustic and timeless look. The paint professionals at Curb Appeal Painting are not only experts when it comes to painting your home’s shake siding, but they also offer expertise in shake siding repair.

Shake Siding Materials

Classically, natural cedar wood shakes dominate the shake siding market, and for good reason. Cedar wood shakes are long-lasting and weather-resistant. This is why they have been used on houses for centuries. Today, there are a variety of alternative options when it comes to shake siding. Our house painting professionals have experience in tackling various shake siding materials, including:

1. Classic Cedar Shake Siding

Classic cedar shake siding continues to be a popular option, primarily for aesthetic or personal reasons. For some, nothing can replace the look, smell, and touch of real cedar. In addition to this being the most expensive option, another drawback of this classic look can be the continuous maintenance that real wood requires. We recommend touching up your paint or stain on natural cedar every few years.

2. Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding’s key selling points are the extremely affordable price and the nominal maintenance the material requires. When it comes to durability, however, vinyl can sometimes be lacking. On the plus side, the latest vinyl technology ensures that your vinyl shake siding looks more like real wood than ever before.

3. Engineered Cedar Shake Siding

Engineered wood has emerged on the market as a great, long-lasting, and affordable substitute for classic cedar shakes. Made from recycled or waste wood, sawdust, and bonding agents, this composite material is then coated with a moisture-resistant top layer. These shakes are specifically designed to last longer and require less maintenance than other shake siding options. Engineered cedar shake siding requires minimal upkeep, although we do recommend painting every 5 years or so to keep it looking its best.

4. Fiber Cement Shake Siding

This high-end alternate option is almost as costly as real cedar shakes, yet requires less maintenance and offers increased resilience. While expensive, fiber cement shakes are long-lasting and great-looking. They are known to have an incredibly authentic-looking wood grain.

Quality Shake Siding Repair

No matter what material you’ve chosen for your home’s shake siding, you can trust Curb Appeal to keep your house exterior looking its best. Shake siding repair is just one of our many exterior home painting services.

Our expertise in painting and repairing all forms of shake siding allows us to guarantee the most cost-effective and efficient solution for you. Curb Appeal’s courteous professionals have the qualifications to get your shake siding repair job done in a truly timely and professional manner. We arrive on time, we’re polite and friendly, we always respect your home, and we go the extra mile to keep our work area clean and neat, from start to finish.

We’ve been trusted by homeowners throughout the greater Cleveland area for 15 years and counting. Schedule a free shake siding repair and exterior house painting estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding exterior painting services and home improvements.