Your Outdoor Living Space Should Always Look Its Best

Porches, decks, and patios are a fantastic addition to any home; perfect for hosting a neighborhood BBQ or simply sipping your morning coffee, and everything in between. Unfortunately, Ohio’s every changing weather - rain, snow, wind, humidity - takes a serious toll on these structures because they are so exposed to the elements of nature. Common issues can include rotting, cracking or loosening; boards becoming too pliant, loosening of handrails, and weakening of support posts. The list is endless and will require far more than a new paint job to properly repair. It is critical that you address any issues your porch is facing right away before lasting damage to your home occurs. Before tackling any exterior paint job designed to revamp your porch, it’s crucial to make sure necessary porch repair services are addressed first.

Does Your Porch Need to be Repaired or Replaced?

In certain unfortunate cases, particularly when serious structural damage has occurred, porches may be beyond repair and need replacement, in which case our professionals will alert you immediately. We want you to be confident knowing that we are here to ensure that your outdoor living space will last, whether this entails repair or full replacement.
It’s not uncommon for softwood decks and porches to hold up for a long amount a time, but after a couple of decades, the structure can begin to deteriorate. Deterioration can cause anything from unsightly cosmetic damage to physical inconveniences to potentially dangerous structural issues.
While it is less expensive than rebuilding a porch from the ground up, replacing screening, boards, and posts can be costly. No homeowner wants to hear that they have to replace everything. It’s important to keep in mind, however, how dangerous a structurally inept porch can be. While neglected windows or siding can be an eyesore and cause leaks, a neglected porch can collapse entirely. Curb Appeal’s house painting services include thorough deck repair services as long as we feel confident our repairs to the structure are enough to keep the integrity and stability of the porch intact. Our valued customers trust us to put their safety and satisfaction first.

Quality Porch Repair Service

Here at Curb Appeal, our experienced paint professionals can provide expert porch repair services for existing front, back, and screen porches. We can fix it all, and you can count on us to thoroughly inspect damage to your porch and repair any issues to guarantee your porch is safe, stunning, and ready for use. 
We understand that your house is more than just a financial investment, it is also an investment in your future and your family. Our goal is to help your home maintain its beauty while also increasing its value, longevity, and durability.
Curb Appeal’s courteous professionals have the qualifications to get your porch repair job done in a truly timely and professional manner. We arrive on time, we’re polite and friendly, we always respect your home, and we go the extra mile to keep our work area clean and neat from start to finish. 

We’ve been trusted by homeowners throughout the greater Cleveland area for 15 years and counting. Schedule a free exterior house painting and porch repair estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding exterior painting services and home improvement services.