Buildings have been graced with front columns for centuries. They are a distinctive feature of many older homes, but can be found adorning newer constructions as well. Numerous homes across Ohio feature front columns that support a porch roof. It’s only natural for front columns to become worn from age and weather, and eventually, they will undoubtedly need repair or replacement. It is important to preserve these beautiful architectural features of your home, and in doing so, it is equally vital that you understand the details around their design, proportion, and materials.

Causes of Damage

Rot, insect, or water damage to front columns, particularly when combined with a sloping floor or sagging porch structure, places an uneven load on the column, causing it to split, lean, or even collapse. Often your porch roofing and gutter system may allow rainwater to collect around column capitals or bases, which contributes to the long-term deterioration of your columns. Rot and decay around your front porch framing can also cause a sag or drop in your front porch floor, which in turn leads to serious fractures or an all-out collapse of your front columns. Front column deterioration can cause serious damage to the entire structure of your home and can be dangerous if not treated quickly and efficiently.

Replacing Front Columns

Replacing front columns can be a nuisance and outright difficult. Columns are made from a variety of materials - wood, aluminum, and composite materials, to name a few. Round wooden pillars are generally hollow structures composed of vertical wood strips laminated together. Today, wooden columns, in particular, are made significantly smaller in diameter than older wooden columns. This makes replacing an older wooden column with one that matches its counterparts rather tricky. There is a good chance you may have to replace all your columns in order to ensure that they match. Replacing your front columns with a new style that is compatible with the architecture of your house can also prove difficult at times. The process can easily become not only a headache, but also very costly. This is why Curb Appeal recommends front column repair whenever possible, and our skilled paint professionals are here to help.

 Quality Front Column Repair

Here at Curb Appeal Painting, we know how essential exterior columns can be to your house front. Before we treat and paint your front columns, we first consider the effects column deterioration may have had on the structure of the home itself. Repairs should always first focus on the framing system supporting the columns above in order to ensure the integrity of the entire structure. Selecting the appropriate materials for the repair is also important, as the work should be done in such a way that it matches the original construction and will weather in a similar manner. We always use only the highest-quality materials to guarantee a top-notch column repair job.

We’ve been trusted by homeowners throughout the greater Cleveland area for 15 years and counting. Schedule a free front column repair and exterior house painting estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding exterior paint and home improvement services.