It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. At Curb Appeal Painting, we believe that the soul of a house resides in its windows. As Cleveland’s premier residential painting company, our professional house painters have the expertise you’d expect when highlighting your home’s most important feature. We treat exterior window painting with the fine attention to detail required to enhance your home’s curb appeal. From initial consultation to a neighbor envy-worthy final product, the Curb Appeal Painting experience is second to none.

Benefits of Exterior Window Painting

Exposure to the elements can cause exterior paint to crack, peel, and bubble. This is not only physically unappealing, but can also leave your home susceptible to damages, such as rot, and can increase your heating cost. Repainting your window exteriors is no small task, but when it’s properly done, you can go many years without having to repeat the process.

Treating your exterior windows to a quality paint job is an easy way to revamp the overall design of your home. Windows are designed to enhance the distinctive character and overall allure of a residence. The right window paint job works wonders towards upgrading your home’s color palette balance and can even augment the perceived proportion of your home’s architecture.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s weather takes a toll on window trims and casings, just as it would on the rest of your home’s exterior. It is critical to protect against the weather in order to avoid both undesirable aesthetics and serious lasting damage. Cracked window paint can often be more than a simple cosmetic issue. When left unprotected, moisture can seep through hairline cracks and small holes and infiltrate your structure, leading to peeling, stains, mold, and rot. Protecting your home’s windows by using Curb Appeal’s quality exterior paint services is by far the most cost effective way to avoid detrimental damages while simultaneously boosting your home’s charm.

Quality Exterior Window Painting

Employing the top notch services of Curb Appeal’s paint professionals ensures your windows will get the inspection, repair, and painting service required to protect your windows and indeed your entire home from climate and other external factors. When it comes to exterior window painting, attention to finite details is key. The Curb Appeal experts make sure that all surfaces are masterfully prepared before painting begins. We’ll also consult with you to select the perfect color palette and coating system from the top quality selection of external house paints. High traffic scratch resistance, for example, is important for windows that endure a heavy amount of opening and closing. We make sure that you receive the best exterior house paint to suit your individual needs for the very best price. Let our unsurpassed painting services protect your Ohio residence while simultaneously transforming it into a true work of art. 

Curb Appeal Painting offers Ohio homeowners exterior window painting they can trust. Our services are always hassle free, our job sites are always left meticulous and clean, and our team will always treat your home with the utmost respect. Request a free exterior window painting estimate today and make Curb Appeal your go-to for reliable and rewarding painting services.