Exterior staining can often be far more challenging than house painting. Here at Curb Appeal Painting, Cleveland’s premier residential painting company, our professional house painters offer the exceptional skill, knowledge, and attention to detail you look for when staining your home. Ohio homeowners have come to rely on Curb Appeal Painting for consistent, reliable, top quality exterior house painting services, and our staining services have exceeded customers’ expectations for 15 years and counting.

Exposure to Ohio’s harsh elements takes a serious toll on the longevity of your stained exterior. Exposure and sunlight wear down the wood, creating minute cracks and fissures in the surface. These cracks allow water and moisture in, which can lead to rot on the surface and beneath. Though stain is a beautiful alternative to paint, it requires significantly different preparation. We at Curb Appeal are ready and willing to take on even the most complicated exterior staining jobs.

What Stain is Right for You?

For maximum curb appeal, you’ll generally need to touch up your exterior staining more often than paint, ranging from every two to ten years. The overwhelming selection of stains out there can be daunting. Different stains have different benefits, and it’s important to consider a variety of factors when staining your home. At Curb Appeal Painting, we’ll work with you to determine the best stain for your budget and your home’s needs, and our professional painters will use only top quality stains to provide you with the staining service that best fits your needs.

Firstly, consider the staining options available to you. Any penetrating stain can cover soft woods, but for highly dense wood like mahogany, you’ll need to make sure you pick a stain that contains specific oils to ensure the finish will penetrate and dry. Penetrating stains should be avoided entirely if your exterior already has a film finish. Oil-based stains can’t cover water-based stains. Water-based stains do the best job protecting your home’s exterior from the sun, while oil-based stains really penetrate wood deeply. Pigment and color should also be taken into consideration when staining your home’s exterior. A clear or semi-transparent penetrating finish will give you better protection on an old deck, while a newer deck accepts solid color stains best. More pigment means you won’t need to restain as often, while less pigment reveals more lovely wood grain. Whatever your needs and preferences, Curb Appeal Painting will always offer the best exterior stain to meet your wishes.

Quality Exterior Staining Service

Throughout the many years we’ve been serving homeowners in the greater Cleveland area, our highly skilled paint professionals have experienced all kinds of stains and all kinds of wood exteriors. We’re ready to take on any home exterior and to provide exceptional staining services. Curb Appeal’s exterior staining services include meticulous preparation, top quality staining products, and unsurpassed expertise in the properties of different stains and the exteriors on which they are applied.

Request a free exterior staining estimate today and make Curb Appeal Painting your go-to for reliable and rewarding house painting services.