Light vs Dark: Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinets

As one of the most used rooms in your home, your kitchen deserves a paint job worthy of an interior design magazine. When painting the kitchen, the assets that will be most accentuated by a new paint job are undoubtedly your cabinets. Cabinets are the face of the kitchen because they tend to take up a large chunk of real estate, but you also notice them more than any other part of your kitchen because you use them the most. In this post, we'll be sharing some advice on two different cabinet painting approaches—light paint colors vs dark paint colors. While there are no right answers when it comes to a light vs dark color scheme, there are definite pros and cons to each, and we'll help you think through them. 

Benefits of Light Cabinets

White and light paint colors are the most popular choice for painting kitchen cabinets because this color scheme is timeless. It will never go out of style, and we doubt you'll ever become tired of light colored cabinets. In a room where space is crucial, a light paint job will make your kitchen feel bigger. Additionally, light colored paint jobs make rooms look clean and tidy, and you could definitely use this to your benefit if your kitchen is more susceptible to clutter!

Light colors are also flexible, and this color scheme would pretty much go with any other furniture or hardware that may be in your kitchen. Light cabinets would set a neutral foundation for the room which you could accent in other areas like backsplashes or countertops.

Disadvantages of Light Cabinets

The main disadvantage to light paint jobs in the kitchen is that these colors are not very good at hiding dirt and stains. This is definitely something to consider when it comes to the kitchen, where stains and smudges are more likely to occur. 

As with most kitchens, your cabinets will probably take a beating over the years. Daily opening and closing...and even the occasional slamming mean that most likely, your cabinets will start to age even after a couple of months. Light colors unfortunately show aging signs like cracks and discoloration faster than dark colors. 

Advantages of Dark Cabinets

Let's face it: white can be pretty dull and sterile. You won't have to worry about this when you decide to paint your cabinets with a dark color shade. Darks have the tendency to be bolder, and carry more personality and character. Dark cabinets will make your kitchen stand out from the other rooms in your home.

Disadvantages of Dark Cabinets

Opposite of light colors, darks make rooms feel smaller. As cabinets already protrude out of the wall, dark cabinets could make your kitchen feel claustrophobic if it's already a small space. Take your kitchen's size into consideration when painting your cabinets. It might be spacious enough to where the shrinking effect of dark cabinets wouldn't make a huge impact. Finally, darks are harder to harmonize other assets with. Consider other elements of the room and if they will clash with a dark color choice.

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