How to Choose a Stunning Color Palette for Your Home

Choosing the perfect color palette for your entire home can be an exciting but often daunting task. Revamping your living space with a paint job is one of the most cost-effective ways to freshen up and transform your home, but homeowners often find themselves asking, “Where should I begin?”. We’ve put together a few tips of the trade to help you tackle the task of putting together the ideal color palette for your home.

Tips On Choosing a Stunning Color Palette for Your Home

  • A common way to begin transforming your home with an updated color palette is to start by choosing your desired colors for the biggest, most central areas of your house, which is often the living room or kitchen. After nailing down the color scheme for that room as your base, you can then pull select colors from that scheme to create new palettes for the additional rooms in your home.

  • Neutral house paint colors are often recommended for connecting spaces throughout your home. Greys have emerged as this year’s trendiest neutral and can be a great starting point for a stunning, fashionable palette. Greys complement a variety of interior styles and can appear either warm or cool depending on which colors are chosen to accompany the hue.  

  • Building a palette from various shades of the same hue is a risk-free way to guarantee you have a palette that works well together and creates a lovely flow throughout your entire home.

  • Another widely used technique to ensure that your color scheme is on point during room painting is to make sure that colors run up a space vertically from dark to light. This is accomplished by using darker colors on the floor, medium hues on the walls, and lighter colors for the ceiling.

  • Highlight your favorite bold color by using it in small spaces to really make a statement. A monochromatic look in a smaller space will really pop Balance this with less saturated shades in surrounding areas and you’ll create a palette that gets attention without being overwhelming.

  • When in doubt, you can always look to the color wheel to ensure you have a well-coordinated color palette. Using colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel can create a scheme that gives off a pleasant, reassuring, and complementary feel to a space.

Curb Appeal Painting Can Help Ensure Sure Your Perfect Palette Becomes a Reality

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