4 Wacky Kids' Bedroom Colors to Try

Your child’s bedroom is a place where they should feel encouraged to play and free to express themselves. Interior paint color can go a long way in creating an atmosphere that encourages comfort while allowing them to thrive. Kids’ rooms should be fun and imaginative, so think outside the box and embrace the chance to get a little wacky with bolder shades when it comes to your kids’ room paint color.

Confident Oranges

Orange is indeed a very bold color, but warm and friendly orange hues are great for encouraging confidence and independence in children. Orange is youthful, full of vitality, and has been proven to encourage concentration and communication in a welcoming and energizing atmosphere. Orange is said to be great for social interaction as it inspires cooperation and extroversion, putting your kids and their friends at ease.

Cheerful Yellows

Your little budding artist will love the creative energy of a yellow bedroom. Never boring or dull, bright yellows encourage optimism and fresh ideas. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness and happiness, making it a great option for children. Yellows are also said to increase energy and motivation, giving your kids an extra boost when getting their homework done! Avoid too bright a shade, however, in order to make sure it doesn’t aggravate the senses.

Exploratory Aquas

Baby blue is great for babies, but as kids get older perhaps you’ll want to embrace a richer, more interesting shade of blue. Stimulate the mind and even encourage a vibe of underwater exploration with aqua blues. Aqua is the right balance of pleasant and serene without coming off as cold or chilly as some blues do. Aqua blue calms and refreshes the mind. It’s great for soothing kids who may be prone to tantrums.

Imaginative Violets

Ultra violet was named Pantone’s color of the year. Described as inventive and imaginative, this passionate color is perfectly suited for kids’ bedrooms. Associated with magic, wisdom, and royalty, violet certainly stimulates the imagination while evoking compassion and sensitivity in your little one.

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