The Number One Difference Between DIY and a Professional Paint Job

When it comes to house painting, the main difference between DIY and hiring the professional house painters is the expert advice and quality workmanship you get from professional house painting services. You never know what issues may arise during your painting project.

The safer bet is to trust a professional painter who has the right gear, technical skill, and a wealth of knowledge to ensure you get a long lasting paint job with no unwanted headaches. A sloppy DIY paint job that lacks durability will likely need maintenance sooner rather than later, which will end up costing you more in the end. Seasoned paint professionals can provide useful consultation on a variety of projects from porch railing repair to choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen and everything in between. If your job requires know-how and craftsmanship, call in the experts to ensure your paint job is done with the utmost professionalism and care.

Save Yourself the Hassle, Stick With the Pros

Tackling your paint job yourself translates into days of painstaking inspection, prepping, caulking, scraping, cleaning, tending to minor repairs, etc. – and all this before you’ve even gotten around to your first coat of primer, let alone paint. Safety should be a concern as well since house painting can be a hazardous chore. Pro painters are trained to ensure safety precautions are taken from start to finish, so hiring is always a safer bet. Equipment can also be an issue. Quality paint professionals use top-notch products and top of the line gear, while DIYers may not have the tools needed to tackle the task at hand. Purchasing equipment or trying to use the wrong equipment (even worse) could prove expensive and disastrous. With one simple call to Curb Appeal Painting, you could put your mind and body at ease and hire our highly professional house painters to meticulously inspect, prep, repair and protect all your home’s surfaces before we begin painting to ensure your house paint job stands the test of time.

Curb Appeal Painting Can Ensure Your Home Gets a Top-Notch Paint Job

The key to a successful paint job lies in experience. Knowing which process to use and when and how to use it is paramount for a long-lasting paint job. We’ve had experience with all kinds of homes over the many years we’ve been serving homeowners throughout the great state of Ohio, which means our talented pro painters are ready to take on any painting project and achieve results that consistently impress our customers. At the end of the day, hiring our professional house painters for the job may feel like a big expense, but it can be a bargain next to the expenses incurred when you don’t have the proper materials or your paint job isn’t up to snuff.

Curb Appeal Painting’s expert paint professionals have the equipment and qualifications to get your exterior paint job done in a truly timely and professional manner. We arrive on time, we’re polite and friendly, we always respect your home, and we go the extra mile to keep our work area clean and neat from start to finish.

Our team prides itself on offering exceptional customer service, and we consistently deliver results that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We’ve been trusted by homeowners throughout the greater Cleveland area for 15 years and counting. Contact us for a free house painting estimate today and make Curb Appeal Painting your go-to for reliable and rewarding interior and exterior home painting services.