How to Use Color to Make Your Home Welcoming

Use of color is an amazing way to set a mood and inspire emotions. Interior and exterior house paint color can infuse harmony and balance into your home. There are various techniques you can use when painting your house to make the space more welcoming.

Tips On How to Use Color to Make Your Home Welcoming

  • If you want to welcome guests into a space that looks large and inviting from the outside, vibrant yellows and eggshells add space to your home’s exterior.

  • A popular way to make your home more inviting is to combine your interior and exterior paint colors into a unifying foyer or entryway blend.

  • Use deep tones in winter to warm up your home and invite guests into a comfortable, homey space. Warm reds, oranges, and yellows have the effect of welcoming people into a cozy house, particularly when it is cold outside.

  • Invite your guests to cool off in the summer with cooler colors. Clean, calming blues, whites and greys give your home a fresh, soothing feeling that your guests will surely appreciate on hot summer days.

  • Using colors from your past can bring back fond memories from growing up that create a pleasant and welcoming mood throughout your home. Familiar colors that evoke comforting childhood memories can make your home more inviting.

  • Using interior house colors that remind you of nature can introduce a soothing vibe into your home. Greens and other natural shades blend nicely throughout your home’s interior, creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

  • When welcoming guests to a dinner party, build up their appetites with warm reds. Red is said to increase appetite in most people and can be used as a primary or accent color in spaces where you are entertaining and feeding people.

  • Yellows and oranges are generally considered inviting, social colors. Yellows are great in sunrooms, front porches, and entryways – typical places you want guests to feel happy. Oranges are said to create an energy that promotes lively conversations and encourages good times.

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