Mentor, Ohio’s Top 5 Favorite Paint Colors

A quality paint job is a great, affordable way to enhance and refresh your home, but picking the right color palette can be a daunting task. If you’re ready to upgrade your Mentor, Ohio residence with a fresh house paint color but need some inspiration, look no further than the list below for the latest and greatest in paint color choices.

Calming Blue Greens

Calming takes on blues and greens continue to dominate in popularity this year. These quiet but never boring shades offer a soothing, grounding feel to any home. Muted, greyish sage greens and spruce blues are popular choices for those looking to create a calming, mellow space that feels like a sanctuary of tranquility in our busy lives. They evoke a restorative sense of comfort and serve those who see their homes as a place to relax and recharge. These colors are extremely versatile and can be used throughout your home’s interior, as well as on your home’s exterior.

Statement Shades of Black

Black also continues to ascend in popularity, particularly black-grey shades of charcoal and onyx. This edgy hue can be found boldly dominating rooms or used as a sleek accent color. Black can complement most color palettes and pairs well with darker furniture. It is being used as a neutral these days, adding cool, clean drama to a space. Whether it’s adorning front doors or entire floors, bathrooms or kitchen cabinets, black is definitely making its mark.

Warm Beiges and Blushes

Neutral home styling is always a good choice, and the warm beiges and blushes popping up throughout Mentor, Ohio do a lovely job of enhancing your home’s interior. Lately, beiges are being upgraded with warmer undertones resulting in hues that veer towards blush. Blushes themselves continue to be a popular color choices since pink has emerged as a power color. Muted, barely there blends of ecrus and dusty rose that lean more beige or more pink (depending on the surrounding accents) infuse a room with grounded sophistication. It’s a feel-good, contemporary take on a classic staple, the results of which can be stunning.

Lively Berry Reds

Lively reds infuse a space with warmth and vitality, simultaneously energizing and harmonizing a room. Designed to stand out and evoke emotion, vivacious shades of berry reds have emerged as popular accent colors. These shades are versatile. From deep raspberry to fiery strawberry, darker berry tones infuse a space with a bold sensibility and add a rich depth, while brighter tones make a more striking statement.

Cheerful Yellows

Sunny, goldenrod shades of yellow have cropped up all over recently. Playful, vibrant yellows brighten up a room and bring about a sense of joy. Warm and all-natural, yellows that are fun and uplifting can help you feel inspired and motivated. Rich shades of yellow that stimulate and energize have become popular choices for those looking to infuse a real sense of cheer into their home.

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