What Does it Take to Paint Your House

Wondering what it takes to paint your home? Below is an overview of the broad strokes (pardon the painting pun) that everyone should keep in mind when tackling a house painting job.

Gathering Everything Needed to Get the Job Done Right Is Key

Here’s what you need to do first:

  • Choose your paint and pick your color. Finding your perfect shade is generally one of the more fun aspects of painting your home, although options can seem limitless and slightly daunting. Picking the right type of paint to suit your specific needs requires knowledge and expertise.

  • Accurately estimate how much paint will be needed for the job. This can often be tricky for those without experience, but measuring the surface being painted ensures precise results.

  • Exactly what tools you’ll need will depend on the job, but it’s important to have all the required gear and materials to tackle the task at hand. Consider everything needed for prepping, priming, painting, and even necessary repairs. Make sure it’s all ready to go!

A Proper Prep Job Before You Start Painting Makes All The Difference

Here are things to keep in mind for your prep job.

  • Pick the right time of year, an exterior paint job in particular can become problematic if temperatures are either too hot or too cold. It is also important to avoid snow and rain.

  • Thoroughly cleaning the surface before you begin painting is an important part of the job that should never be neglected. Always wash from top to bottom and be sure you allow enough time for the surface to dry after washing before carrying on with the painting process.

  • Old, damaged paint should be removed before painting in order to ensure the new paint properly adheres to the surface.

  • A thorough inspection of your home is needed so that any necessary repairs can be taken care of before painting begins. Areas in need should be repaired and patched during the prep process.

  • Protect your work area to ensure a clean and tidy job. Lay out drop cloths where needed.

  • Often, you’ll want to prime a surface before you begin painting. Primer helps protect your paint and increases the longevity of the paint job.

A Top-Notch House Painting Requires Patience and Know-how

Here are some other factors that contribute to a top-notch paint job.

  • Settle on the best method for your specific paint job. There are a variety of application methods available (using a brush, roller, sprayer etc.) and it’s important to pick the method that benefits your job the most.

  • Properly mixing your paint before you begin is another small but important step in the painting process.

  • Tape areas if you need to and then get to painting! Start by painting the main surface area you intend to cover.

  • After letting the initial paint dry, apply an additional coat if time and budget allow for it.

  • Meticulously paint trim or details for a professional finish.

  • A job is never finished until the work area is completely cleaned up and your home is left looking refreshed and revitalized.

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